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Our team at Live Well aims to deliver the highest standard of ethical Chiropractic care to the North East & Central communities of Singapore.


  • Denise Tham Avatar
    Denise Tham
    7/20/2021 - Google

    I have been in Dr Jessie's care since Dec 2020. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. During the sessions, she is able to feel where my issues are and do... read more

    Walter Ng Avatar
    Walter Ng
    6/26/2021 - Google

    Before my first visit to Live Well for a mid lumbar problem in November 2020, I didn’t know that my body structure is in an odd shape. In lay... read more

    Christopher Ng Avatar
    Christopher Ng
    6/16/2021 - Google

    This place is a gem. They are not pushy about selling you packages, and Dr Dennis is extremely patient in hearing you out and understanding what are your needs/objectives first.... read more

  • Zhan Cheng Avatar
    Zhan Cheng
    4/28/2021 - Google

    The past couple of months with Dr Kenney was great. My back aches were significantly relieved and I noticed an increased range of motion as well as better posture. It... read more

    suhaida ramli Avatar
    suhaida ramli
    4/19/2021 - Google

    I've started my treatment with Dr Jessie just about a month with a total of 6 sessions. Honestly, I was surprised that my tailbone which have badly been misaligned due... read more

    Kanzen Sim Avatar
    Kanzen Sim
    3/19/2021 - Google

    I had been seeing Dr Jessie since Nov 2020, my session should end some time in May 2021. My condition had improved over the last 4 mths with Dr Jessie... read more

  • Cassandra Ng Avatar
    Cassandra Ng
    2/23/2021 - Google

    Been with Live Well since 2019 and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made for my health. Having aggravated back pains after my pregnancy, doctors at polyclinics would only prescribe... read more

    Xav Peh Avatar
    Xav Peh
    2/18/2021 - Google

    Kudos to Dr Kenney for the past few months correcting my posture to alleviate the neck and back pain that I have been having for a few years! He was... read more

    Pei Ru Chang Avatar
    Pei Ru Chang
    2/15/2021 - Google

    It has been a great journey so far at Live Well Chiropractic with Dr Kenney! I started the treatment in October 2020, but just one week into the treatment and... read more

  • Felicia Tan Avatar
    Felicia Tan

    I've been visiting Live Well Chiro since June 2020. Aches and pain of my shoulders and lower back has lessen alot since my 1st visit. Dr Jessie has been very... read more

    Shahri Hairalah Avatar
    Shahri Hairalah
    11/04/2020 - Facebook

    Dr Kenny did an amazing treatment to my pinched neck. Sure to comeback for monthly or quarterly maintenance to my bone. Like it say Dr gives medicine...chiropractic gives live.

    Goh Li Xian Avatar
    Goh Li Xian
    10/01/2020 - Google

    Big thanks to Dr Kenney for the chiropractic sessions. Overall posture improved and back pain reduced. Really glad to have started the treatment here!

Ms Tan was suffering from chronic long-term aches into her shoulders and low back. She had noticed her mother had quite a crooked spine with a lot of hunching, so as much as improving her current body was important for her she also wanted to prevent any possible future changes that may occur.

As a managing director, Mr Chua is a frequent traveler on long hour flights. Due to his lifestyle, he experiences lower back pains that he could not alleviate through traditional massages. He found the answer to his pains in chiropractic and has enjoyed effective and fast results from his chiropractic treatment with Dr Dennis.

KC is a dentist by trade and spends long hours at work in bent over positions to perform intricate surgeries and other procedures. After many years of practicing, he started experiencing neck and mid back pain, he sought after many forms of pain relief from TCM to massage with no avail. It was only after he saw a Chiropractor that he had really experienced a change. He has seen numerous Chiropractors across the island and has since stayed on with Dr Kenney for maintenance care.

Melody first had concerns of her body after she was diagnosed with a scoliosis during her routine school testing. Although she knew she had a scoliosis she wasn’t quite sure what to expect short and long term, how severe it was or even which part of her spine it was affecting. We spent a lot of time re-educating her about her condition as well as improving on it. She has made awesome progress and has gained a wealth of knowledge in regards to her body.

John uses chiropractic treatment for preventive and maintenance purposes. Working odd hours as an IT Engineer, John needs to ensure his body keeps up with his job. He finds that his chiropractic treatments is a good way to combat aches and helps him sleep better at night. He was referred in by his wife, Jessie.

Ms Ying Ting has had back conditions since she was fourteen years old. After getting an X-Ray done, she discovered that her spinal disc was pressing on her nerves. This causes lower back pains that she found could not be relieved through methods like TCM, or various physiotherapy treatments she has undergone. She has seen great improvements in her condition with chiropractic treatments. We are also guiding her on some exercises she can do on her own to improve her health and for maintenance purposes.

Mr Ang was diagnosed with a slipped disc prior to seeing Dr Kenney. He was experiencing numbness and tingling into his right toes as well as centralised low back pain. Upon review of his MRI and X Ray there was an evident bulge into the posterior space of L5/S1 with straightening and misalignment of the low back spine. He’s has since made vast improvements, more importantly without the surgery he had been recommended.

Jessie experienced severe neck issues. She consulted a doctor, took painkillers, and went for massages but found that these did not help to alleviate her pain. After undergoing four to five chiropractic treatments, she saw effective results and feels more confidence in her treatments. Seeing the positive impact of her chiropractic treatments, she referred her husband, John.

Chelsea is a young hard-working eye care specialist. She was referred in by her sister for scoliosis care, we focused on adjusting her spine for stability coupled with traction protocols to correct her spinal alignment. Re-xrays were conducted in order to assess her progress, her scoliosis has decreased from 22 to 16 degrees and she feels taller than ever!

Kelvin suffers from chest pains, in addition to chronic postural problems and having had knee surgery from previous sport-related injuries. He had physiotherapy treatments but found that they did not address the root cause of his issues. Since having had chiropractic treatments, he found that they are quick and effective in improving his conditions. Dr Dennis has given him tips on how to manage his pains, and some exercises that he can do on his own for maintenance and recovery purposes.

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