Patient Cases

Chiropractic focuses on treating the root cause of the problem as opposed to short term pain relief. We believe in assessing the body as a whole and tailoring treatments to individual goals whilst monitoring outcomes.

athletic performance

Spinal adjustments help to increase the range of motion, reduce muscle tension and improve overall function. Jiajia is a National Athlete, keeping her body functioning well ensures optimal performance and also serves as a means of injury prevention.

Neck ache with numbness

Numbness into the digits is more often than not caused by nerve compression in the neck. It is important to determine what level of the cervical spine is affected. Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate nerve referral symptoms and decrease levels of pain and discomfort.

General aches and pains

Prolonged desk work for extended hours start to increase disc pressure and muscle tightness. Adjustments help to reduce muscle hypertonicity, increase range of motion and reduce compounded disc pressure.

Shoulder impingement

Shoulder problems are generally quite complex and dependent on individuals and their forms of activities. Shoulders can become unstable or compensatory, so identifying the cause of the problem is generally the key to treating shoulders.

adolescent scoliosis

We see a fair number of adolescent scoliosis cases in our practice. Some important things to determine in these cases are whether there are any aggravating signs for further changes. Taking into consideration all these factors we are then able to determine the treatment required and the most effective and realistic approach to care.

Vertigo & Giddiness

Madam Wong recently started experiencing bouts of giddiness/dizziness. This can be caused by a number of reasons, after a thorough examination and the adoption of various orthopaedic tests we diagnosed her with BPPV. This is when the crystals in the ear break away from their origin in the inner ear. In order to correct this, we simply used an exercise that aims to help migrate crystals back to its original positions known as the Epleys Manouvre.

Neck Rehabilitation for Slipped Disc

Mr Syed was diagnosed with a cervical Slipped Disc. His symptoms included weakness accompanied with numbness and tingling into the right hand. After a series of adjustments and decompression therapy, we're glad to say he's pain free. However, given the existing damage sustained in his neck we're now focusing on rehabilitation to create greater balance in his neck muscles and to decrease as much joint and disc stress as possible as a means of prevention.

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