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My Neck and Shoulders are Sore

Is Your Neck Causing You Pain?

“Globally, 85 percent of people suffer from Neck and body pain – the same percentage as that of for sufferers in Singapore” 2017 study, commissioned by GSK Consumer Healthcare

The neck is a delicate and complex structure: the bones at the top of your spine, combined with muscles and ligaments, supports your head (~5kg). For this to happen all day, every day, one must be mindful of the many factors to avoid pain from postural bias, muscle overuse and spinal misalignment.

Traumas such as whiplash cause an acute onset of pain; whereas daily stressors cause a slow build-up of muscle tension and a gradual pain. Furthermore, it is possible that your neck pain is actually a sign of a misalignment elsewhere in your spine!

Chiropractic care is based on the premise of restoration of health through restoration of your posture. In consulting your Chiropractor at Live Well you will undergo a spinal analysis to establish your current condition. We will be able to construct an action plan with you to tackle any problems you may have structurally and help you on the road to a better health.

We are able to discover the reason for your neck pain specific to your own body and then focus on getting you on track to a pain free life.

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