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I have Sharp Pulling Pain

The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae which are separated by discs that act like shock absorbers. At each disc level, a pair of spinal nerves exit from the spinal cord that allow messages or impulses to travel back and forth between your brain and your body.

It is often not one incident that causes a disc injury but rather a build-up of very minor damage such as poor posture, poor lifting habits, or any repetitive pressure being placed upon the disc. Once there is a build-up of micro trauma, something small such as picking up a pen off the floor can cause the final damage that causes a symptomatic disc injury.

When this occurs, it can result in debilitating symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the legs. This condition is due to natural degeneration of your discs over time as the discs can become dehydrated and brittle.

Disc injuries will respond favourably to chiropractic care. This is because chiropractic not only addresses the symptoms, but also any other spinal restrictions that may be playing a part in the problem.

Disc injuries do not happen overnight.

Spinal Misalignment -> Weakened Disc -> Disc Injury


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