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I have Low Back Pain

“More than half of people here suffer in silence, while one in three ignore their pain – one of the highest proportions globally. Many chose to hide their pain for fear of worrying their family and loved ones” Straits time Published June 20, 2017

Pain in the lower back, or waist/hip region, is the most common problem we encounter. There are many causes for back pain, but most often they share the same symptoms: constant or intermittent pain that affects one’s abilities to perform daily activities.

Ever hear people complain: there’s pain when I sit, pain when I move, pain when I lie down, or a combination of these?

The lower back includes many muscles that work continuously to keep our bodies erect and upright. These are known as postural muscles. A lifetime of bad habits will lead to poor spinal alignment, and these muscles have to work harder and can eventually become tired and achy. This often leads to low energy levels and frequent feelings of fatigue or exhaustion.

Furthermore, traumatic events such as sports injuries, falls and accidents can accelerate this process of spinal degeneration and thus allowing low back pain to start bothering people at a young age in today’s increasingly active society.

Surgery or pain relief medication is often prescribed by physicians to relieve back pain and promote healing. However, there are safe and effective alternatives to surgery and harsh pain medications.

By restoring proper alignment to the spine, the pressure that is placed on the spine, muscles and ligaments is distributed evenly. This results in reduced physical stress throughout the entire body and the underlying cause of pain and physical restriction is naturally eliminated. From this point proper healing can begin, not only in the physical discomfort, but also the mental and emotional well-being of being able to go back to your favourite activities.

Our Chiropractor will meet with you, assess your situation and decide on a treatment program that will help eliminate your pain and fix your posture.

If you are experiencing lower back pain, the following are some signs that it may be because of spinal misalignment:

  • Aches, pain, and/ or muscle tension in your lower back
  • Numbness and tingling in your thighs, knees and/ or feet
  • Restriction in movement: you cannot bend forward, bend back or to the side easily
  • Pain when you stand too long
  • Pain when you lift objects
  • Clicking or popping sound when you move
  • Stiffness upon sitting for a period of time
  • Muscle tightness
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