The team at Live Well Sengkang is devoted to you in achieving all your health goals.

We are truly passionate about helping people achieve their peak health potential and we believe everything from our approach at the front desk to the Doctor’s specific honest care helps you towards this potential.

Functional Rehabilitation

At Live Well we believe in achieving long term results for patients hence rehabilitation has always held a focal point in our treatment protocols.

Functional rehabilitation combines various techniques and exercises to return individuals back to optimal health. This includes incorporating strength and flexibility training as well as exercises focused on coordination of body parts and motion for long term and sustainable results.

The overall goal of functional rehabilitation is to train the patient using three-dimensional movements to prepare the whole body to return to daily activities or sports. This differs from therapies used to address symptoms using such modalities as heat, ice, and medication which mainly focus on strengthening the isolated injured muscle. Functional rehabilitation focuses on improving biomechanics of the body as a whole as means of both injury prevention and movement restoration.

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