Should I go Barefoot for my Home Workouts?

Young asian woman exercise at home with the help of online tutorials in living room.

Circuit breaker measures have obviously greatly limited our ability for physical activity. We really only have two options, we can either choose to workout from the comfort of our homes or exercise outdoors with the fresh air. We’ve had some common questions thrown at us and I think it would be good to address these. So here we go, should we wear shoes while working out from home?

There are both pros and cons to exercising bare foot. To keep things simple I’ll list these in point form.


  • Effective way to strengthen ankle and foot muscles
  • Enhances ankle and foot stability
  • Improves proprioception

We have rather sensitive receptors at the bottom of our feet, these receptors are generally deprived of stimuli when shoes are worn, which could potentially lead to weakening for the foot muscles. Barefoot exercise helps us strengthen the foot and ankle ,muscles, improving overall flexibility, dexterity and reactivity.


  • Less foot protection
  • Requires adaptation period
  • Alters existing biomechanics which may lead to injuries

Transitioning to barefoot workouts take time, we must slowly adapt to the new stimuli to prevent injuries. Shifting to barefoot also creates change in biomechanics which may flare up certain conditions such as achilles strains, plantar fasciitis, etc.

In summary, barefoot excising benefits definitely outweigh its cons, just make sure you do a slow gradual progression and manage increased load efficiently.


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