Working from Home? Follow these Basic Ergonomic Principles!


Working from home? Follow these basic ergonomic principles to ensure you stay pain free!

Home ergonomics is all about how your body interacts with office tools and space while working. Ensuring the correct setup of your home office enables you to improve efficiency, productivity and more importantly reduces stress placed on the body to ensure you’re  pain free.

Lets keep it simple and go through the basics on what is needed to achieve optimal ergonomics while you’re working from home:

1. Chair, Table and Computer Height.

To ensure all three of these are in the correct positions for you, we need to follow the 90/90/90 rule.

Chairs should allow for the legs to be at a 90-degree angle, this will provide support for the low back as it helps to disperse the force. Adjust your chair height accordingly, if still too high, simply place a book or a shoe box to make the difference.

Table height should allow for elbows to be bent at 90 degrees, this will ensure that accessory muscles are inhibited and hence we don’t tire out our neck nice and early on in the day.

Computer height should be positioned at 90- degrees to eye level, this is so we don’t need to flex and bend our neck forward to look at the computer. If you’re using a laptop then definitely invest in a keyboard and prop the laptop up.

2. Proper Distancing

Generally as a basic rule of thumb try to position your monitor 20 inches away from your eyes. Simply reach your hand towards your computer and if your fingertips just touch the screen then you should be good to go, adjust accordingly if you’re taller.

3. Proper Lighting

Adequate lighting is essential, try not too go too bright as this may induce headaches over time especially if you’re dedicating long hours at home. Try to use a combination of natural and artificial light to reduce eye strain, which often can result in headaches

4. Move Around and Stretch Out

Make a conscious effort to get up once an hour, this will give your muscles a much needed break and at the same time help with blood circulation.

By following these simple rules, you can help minimise and reduce the stressors that are placed on our body physically and mentally!


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