Should I Crack my own Neck


“So if I keep ‘cracking’ my neck, is it bad for me?”

No it is not if the ADJUSTMENT (not twisting or cracking.) is performed by a licensed Chiropractor. Chiropractors are given specialised training over a period of 4+ years to adjust the spine.

Popping a joint is easy, and it occurs when the joint capsule around a joint is stretched enough and the gas escapes from it. However, correction of a subluxation (dysfunction within the spine that limits the spine with neurological effects) is not merely popping a joint. When Chiropractors adjust, we adjust the areas of the spine that is in dysfunction. When people ‘crack or ‘twist’ their own neck and back, there is no control as to which joint you are targeting and often results in normal joints being popped. The ‘specialist’ qualification a chiropractor receives, allows the Chiropractor to locate the dysfunctional and subluxed joint through examination and adjust it in a way that is comfortable and safe



Just think: If I can’t adjust my own neck even after years of training and experience as a Chiropractor , can you understand how dangerous it is for you to adjust yours?


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