Is Being Skinny Always Good?


“I want to lose weight because it’s healthy and looks better!”

Being overweight places extra stress on your spine and joints but being underweight can also lead to decreased bone and joint health and result in injuries and pain.

One task for fat in the body is to help in the production of hormones that is necessary for the body to regular bone health. Without the hormones, bones become brittle and more prone to breaks and fractures, and higher risk for osteoporosis (loss of calcium in the bones). The consequence is fragile bones and everyday simple falls are more likely to cause serious injuries in an underweight person.

Another task of fat in the body is to absorb and store vitamins. Vitamins A, D and K cannot function without enough daily fat intake. Vitamin A for healthy eyes, vitamin D for calcium in bones and vitamin K helps blood clotting. Therefore, low fat intake, or following low-fat diet, means less vitamin absorption and reduced function.

In modern society, wanting to be thin (or losing weight) is a popular goal for all because of the perception of looking healthier and attractive. BUT fat in the body is not all bad; they play an important role in keeping your bones and joints healthy for longer. To that end, please reconsider your diet plans and have your bone and joint health checked today!


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