Coffee, Good or Bad?


Coffee has been used for years as a great tasting way to pick-yourself-up in the morning. At the same time there are all sorts of rumors and theories of how coffee is good or bad for your health. Here are some common questions answered and to better help you choose your stimulation!

Yes, caffeine is a known trigger for headaches.

Yes, how the coffee is prepared can affect the content. Eg, depending on how the coffee is prepared and filtered, cholesterol levels can vary dramatically. Make sure you do your research.

No, coffee does not contain lots of calories and potentially increase weight, it’s the add-ons of sugar and milk that can pile on the kgs.

Yes, very strong research evidence suggest coffee can prevent diabetes.

Yes, there are strong research evidence suggest coffee consumption reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Yes but not really, there are research evidence suggesting coffee helps reduce risk of cancer (oral, liver, breast, prostate, etc), but not definitive.

Yes, coffee can irritate stomach ulcer and damage stomach lining, trigger stomachaches and heart burns.

No, coffee is not the best for pregnant mothers. The research on this topic is inconsistent but a common conclusion is that consumption in large amounts has been linked to increase chance of miscarriage. Check with your doctors for safe recommendations for you.



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