Are Cold Showers Good for us?


On a warm summer day or just about anyday in Singapore, a cooling swim is always an inviting thought. Some people take it a bit further: cold showers regularly. Are they really good for your health?

The science/research in cold showers (a.k.a cold plunge) being helpful to the body is very thin; not enough valid results. But here are a few benefits that can be theorised as the effect of ‘rapid cooling’ on your health.

  • A cold rinse after exercise can help lower the swelling and decrease pain from the stress of the exercise. It can also stimulate constriction of blood vessels and reduce inflammation from micro-injuries.
  • Few studies have suggested cold showers can boost immune strength through increasing white blood cells in the blood.
  • Low temperature can stimulate metabolism and encourage body to burnt brown fat and help with weight loss efforts.
  • The shock of cooling water over the body stimulates breathing and encourage blood to the organs, which can improve your circulation and overall mood.

However, cold shower is not recommended for individuals with blood pressure issues or heart and circulation conditions because the sudden stress can worsen existing conditions.


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