Does Size Matter


If your belly enters a room before you do (mine does not, I swear), then you are more likely to be suffering from back aches.

It is true, extra pounds increase the load on your spine, straining your muscles and puts pressure on the soft tissue around your vertebrae. That can increase the natural curve of your lower back, pushing your vertebrae out of alignment and causing chronic lower-back pain. Add sitting for long periods, lifting/carrying lots of loads and not resting sufficiently, and you will find yourself looking for plasters and pain killers more and more.

Not to mention the extra grind your hips, knees and ankles have to go through, resulting in accelerated degeneration and joint diseases. Take the pressure off your spine keeps the gel-filled cushions between your vertebrae and joints healthy. Be aware of your alignment and lifestyle, get adjusted today and take the load off!


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