World Day for Safety and Health at Work


International Labour Organisation sets the 28th of April as the world day for safety and health at work. So are you working safely?

If you are a manual labor worker, are you watching how you work? Are you using the strongest muscles in your body to lift or are you lifting with your low back? For the lighter objects people tend to be careless and just use their back muscles because it is easier. Theoretically there should no problems when you carry light things using your low back. HOWEVER… Is your low back healthy? If not then how can you expect it to handle the same amount of stress or weight compare to when you are fitter and younger?

Low back is the most important key postural area in the body. If you do not have a well functioning low back then there is no way you will be able to have a good upper body posture. Prolonged bad posture in the low back will cause the low back muscles to stiffen and become fatigue. A stiffened muscle cannot stretch as much and work as hard as a healthy relaxed muscle. It’s delusional to think that your body is perfectly fine if there are no symptoms or pain because stiffened muscles do not necessarily cause pain. By adjusting the spine and allowing the muscles to relax, we can prevent muscle spasm and fatigue so that muscle strains do not occur from miscellaneous events.

Chiropractic is not just about low back pain; it is also about prevention of future injuries. This is the reason for wellness or maintenance chiropractic care so that we can check the body for these problems before they do become symptomatic and allow the body to function optimally.



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