Hydrate Properly


55%-75% of your body weight is water. Your body has water in every cell, tissue, and organ. It helps move nutrients, get rid of waste, keep your temperature at the right level, lubricate and cushion joints, keep your skin moisturised, and lots of other things. It is essential to health. Adults lose about 10 cups of water a day through sweating, urinating, etc. In Singapore, the humidity and temperature can place a lot of stress on the body (especially if you live an active lifestyle) and will require special attention to stay hydrated and healthy.

Are you absorbing enough water each day to stay healthy? Some tips are:

  • Water is the better choice for hydrating. Alcoholic beverages have the most dehydrating effect.
  • Kids need plenty of fluids; they can get dehydrated much more easily than adults.
  • Men need more fluids than women.
  • Most people should break for fluid every 20 minutes of exercise (dependent on weight, type of exercise, etc).
  • Conditions such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and kidney disease means the body will require more fluids.

Final note, there is no evidence supporting the saying: “8 cups of water a day is enough”. 20% of the water you absorb daily is through food, which means solid foods also contribute to your fluid intake. Take into account the other factors mentioned above, we arrive at the conclusion that we should monitor and be responsible for each of ourselves.


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